Websites & QR Menus

Contact us today to create your website! These basic sites allow for a LIVE menu that can connect to a QR Code. Get hits on your website while customers view your menu off YOUR website for both easy access for the customer and quick editing for you when needed. Have events or specials? Your customer will already be on your site, take advantage, and add tabs to keep them coming back!

Beverage Control Systems

A simple and robust solution for growing bars and restaurants at an affordable rate that integrates with your POS System. Spy Lite Pro with a picture of it (with checkmarks next to them, on different lines) High Quality and Affordable Direct Connect to printer, ECR, or POS Reporting Software Available Software Included Control-pouring portions, portion sizes Program-happy hours (8 available)

Kitchen Display Monitors (KVM)

Many busy kitchens and bars struggle to maintain control in an environment driven by slips of paper. With the KVM, these inefficiencies are eliminated. A single touch of the finger allows the operator to view all pending orders and review up to 50 recently bumped orders. The 14in designed tablet is space-saving for smaller kitchens and a bump box connecting to a monitor of your choice for larger kitchens!

Camera & Surveillance Systems

Easily integrate with Future POS, a surveillance system that will allow you to view transactions as they happen and also pinpoint them later and watch and listen to the feed if needed! Outside dome cameras allow for 360-degree views and, with the added mount, can really intimidate criminals while providing real-time movement catching detail. 


A kiosk in your quick service restaurant will enable your customers to place their own orders and speed them through the process. Kiosks will also reduce overall labor costs helping you drive up profits.

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